PBC003 - Batangas City

Third Stop: Purple Beetle Café – Batangas City

When we say aim high and dream big, we mean aim higher ceilings and dream bigger spaces. This is what we did with Purple Beetle Café – Batangas City. We want to inspire, satisfy, and bring goodness in every bite to many people. You are very welcome to hop in and enjoy our third ride.

How to get to PBC003:

From Metro Manila, take a bus from Buendia, Kamias, or Cubao to BATANGAS CITY PIER. Get off Batangas Pier. Ride a jeep going to BAYAN. Tell the driver to drop you off near NUCITI CENTRAL MALL.

If you are riding your own car, you can travel through SLEX, exit IBAAN EXIT, and take the NATIONAL HIGHWAY going to Batangas. Once you get to Batangas City, look for Nuciti Central Mall. Our third ride is just in front of it.

Address: P. Burgos Street, World Trade Hotel, Batangas City
Contact: 0926-653-3018
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/purplebeetleph03/