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Purple Beetle Cafe: The Story of Our Journey

Posted by Lc Blanco on June 12, 2017

It was one warm summer day of 2015 when our little Ely decided what she would love to have when she turns four. Ely is no ordinary kid. She’s bright, talented, and special. As parents, we know that our little girl would not settle for usual gifts every four-year-old would pick. That is why we were not surprised when she chose to have a purple car as a birthday gift. So, my husband Kiko, and I decided to give her something close to both our hearts – a shiny, purple, beetle toy car. Her 4th birthday was not only a celebration of four wonderful years with her, but also marked the start of a wonderful journey.

Purple Beetle, which was named after Ely’s toy, started out as a vehicle to express the artist within me. My love for arts, crafts, culture, and a fun lifestyle reflected through the accessories and decorations handcrafted with love in our humble abode back home which was distributed through our online shop. We don’t only offer our home-made products, but also those from different countries. Purple Beetle gave us a chance to reach out and connect to different people by helping artisans, communities, and tribes sustain their livelihood through distributing and selling their own art.

We were grateful that we were able to extend a helping hand, but still we wanted to get involved with the community more. We wanted to provide families a place that will inspire their hearts and souls to create priceless moments. The birth of Purple Beetle Café was not because of the on-going café trend, but a combination of my dream and passion. The café became another outlet to express my love for art, cooking, and the community. Through Purple Beetle Café, we are able to serve goodness in every bite, letting customers have a taste of what every Purple Beetle ride is.

After a year of pursuing passion, hard work, and dedication, our Purple Beetle family is getting bigger and better with people who trusted us. Who would have thought that the café we opened a year ago would survive, and will continue chasing our dream to inspire more people? In behalf of the Purple Beetle Café family, we thank you for believing in us.

Purple Beetle is more than just an online shop turned into a café. It is a brand everyone can trust. The journey with Purple Beetle taught us one thing: It is not only in princess’ stories that dreams can turn into reality. You don’t need a white horse with a shining knight to reach it. Dreams do come true. Mine did, and it is through a purple toy car.

LC Blanco
Founder, Purple Beetle