Pink Rhapsody Mandala - Roundie

Purple Beetle

₱2,350.00 PHP

One look at a mandala tapestry and you can see the enormous amount of passionate work that goes into creating it. Tapestries are completely made in traditional method and takes around a week to complete. The designs are created using either one or a combination of the following process - hand painting, screen printing, tie dye, batik or block printing.

Purple Beetle is proud to offer such art-filled creations and we will be happy to see your home with vibrant wall hanging, bedspread, tablecloth, furniture throw, curtain and more! On your family day, you can use them as beachthrow or picnic blanket and even make a canopy!

Made of 100% cotton and hand printed with vegetable dyes. 

The mandala roundies feature handmade cotton tassels. 

Diameter: 160 - 180 cm

Fair Trade. Handmade in India. Premium Quality.


Gently hand wash in cold water. The inks used are vegetable dyes and therefore cannot withstand harsh chemicals. Do not bleach. Do not use strong washing liquid. Do not soak. Do not dry clean. Do not machine wash. Hang dry, out of direct sunlight.


With consideration that tapestries are handmade, there is likely to have slight imperfection with print, such as slight running of dyes, small paint spots, print miss-out etc. Images on computer screen may be brighter than actual. We have thoroughly gone through each one and we only sell the highest quality though keeping in mind that slight flaws are part of uniqueness.

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