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Patricia Aleckzandra via FoodFindsAsia
ugust 30, 2016

In Lipa City, Batangas, there’s a newly-opened cafe that offers you three things: a destination for artists, great food, and a fun-filled day. Just along Ayala Highway of Lipa is Purple Beetle Cafe. Once you spend a day with them, you will surely want to go back for another ride! Trust me on this.

The birth of Purple Beetle came about when couple Kiko and Elsie Blanco realized that eating and art has an essential part of their lives, which is evidently visible in the café.

At the parking lot, you will see a mural done students from different schools. Upon entering this cafe, you will be greeted with walls decorated with paintings and statement canvass. But what would really catch your attention (like what it did to me) is their Beetle counter made with a real Beetle car! For the homey vibe and coziness of the cafe, two thumbs up!

Of course, we did not miss the chance to try their delicious dishes starting out with their sweet Cream Cheese and Banana French Toast (P100) served with scrambled eggs and bacon. What I personally love about it, is the sweetness of the banana mixed with maple syrup and the cinnamon flavored toast. Well, it is actually the toast I love! Pair it with something hot on their menu and you will surely have the perfect breakfast galore all day long!

Next on their menu lists is their Light Bites which is perfect for appetizers. We got to try three of their most loved Light Bites: Beef Cheese Wedges (P90), Nachos (P100) and their Fish and Chips (P120).  If you crave for something cheesy and crispy, try their nachos. Here is a friendly tip when it comes to their nachos, eat it while it’s hot! Their Beef Cheese Wedges will also make you drool, so replace your ordinary fries with this yummy potato wedges. But what really caught our craving taste buds is their Fish and Chips! Don’t look for Dory anymore because we found her! Yup! Purple Beetle’s Fish and Chips is actually a Dory fish paired with fries and their homemade dip!

If you want to eat something and be full in no time, their Cheese Burger with Bacon and Egg (P150) will surely give you a yummy treat! Their pure beef patty, bacon, egg and our favorite TLC is sandwiched in a tasty bun paired with fries and their catsup-mayo dip! What I like about their burger is that their patty is extenders-free! Meaning, it is all but beef… beef… and BEEF! Yumyum!

We also did not let the opportunity to try their rice meals pass. One of their best-sellers is their Buffalo Chicken Wings (P120) which is sided with buttered veggies. Rice meals are really awesome especially when paired with something cold. Try their Purple Lemonade to match this delectable dish!

If your taste buds crave for something heavy aside from rice, you can try their pastas as well. We give you a hundred percent approval to try their Lasagna Rolls (P140). Honestly, these rolls are one of the best I have tasted so far. Don’t look for the chef because their lasagna recipe is Miss Elsie’s very own. We guarantee you a taste of home-style cooking!

Because of the weather in Batangas when we visit did not let us miss the opportunity to try their hot cup of beverages. Driving nuts over matcha? Try their Green Tea Latte (P110). Unlike other matcha flavored latte I’ve tasted, this one is particularly different. Aside from it gives you a specifically warm feeling, it taste less sugary than others. Why? Because it is made from premium ingredients straight from outside the country (well, most of their food is made from high-quality ingredients *winks*) This hot cup of latte is perfect if you aren’t a sweet tooth at all.

Because we tried something not-so-sweet, we also want to taste something sweeter. Order up their Mocha (P110) and enjoy the warmth and sweetness it will bring you! Surely, you would not want to miss this. Look at that perfect art latte!

But the cold weather did not stop us from trying out two best-sellers! Their Oh-Frappe! menu will surely delight you with oh-verstuffed frappes made with premium ingredients. Who would have thought that you can put a doughnut on you frappe? Well, Purple Beetle sure did! Their Hazelnut (P175) frappe is served with a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnut with two sticks of our favorite Peppeo, and a swirl of whip cream! This masterpiece is truly a delight!

And the highlight of their Oh-Frappe! is no other than their Nutella (P185) flavored frappe served with Ferrero and oozing with Nutella syrup (BTW, the syrup is legit!) You will surely love it specially if you are a Nutella-fanatic!

Purple Beetle’s dishes are truly for people who wanted to satisfy both their budget and cravings. But not only does the cafe offer a home for arts and delectable food. It is also a place where friends would want to chill, families would want to get together and hang out, and artists who just want to have fun. You can enjoy playing with their board games (JENGA PEOPLE!) or relax with a book. You can view Sir Kiko’s collection of Volkswagen toy cars (no touch guys!) or capture the moment you are spending with them.

This cafe does not only want to serve you good food but it also wants to help you create priceless memories because it is in those times you will find out what is really important. Enjoy the journey and ride along Purple Beetle!

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