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June 19, 2016

It has been months since I’ve last stayed in Lipa City, my home away from home. Many stores and cafes have closed, transferred to other locations, and new ones opened. One of the places that caught my attention was this boho-chic themed cafe, the Purple Beetle Cafe, as I’ve seen it on Facebook.

Purple Beetle Cafe is located next to Army Navy, along Ayala highway and is open from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. This cafe is owned by Kiko and LC Blanco, a wedded couple, who both exerted so much effort in coming up a cafe like no other; with Mrs. Blanco being into arts and crafts and also cooking, and his husband into collections of Beetle toy cars. The cafe opened last June 12, 2016, which is also the 7th wedding anniversary of this clever and innovative couple.

“The story of Purple Beetle started when my eldest daughter Ely wished to have a Purple car for her 4th birthday and it was very timely that I wanted to open a bohemian and vintage online shop as well. So we gave her a purple beetle toy. That moment when I saw her beautiful gaze upon seeing the gift, I know that purple beetle will not only be a toy but a wonderful journey. Thus on the same day she turned 4, our lifestyle brand “Purple Beetle” was also born.” (http://purplebeetle.com.ph/pages/about-us)

The first photo above is a real Volkswagen purple beetle, customized and converted into a cafe counter. The second photo shows the mural painting outside the cafe.

The couple is indeed very artsy, innovative and clever in coming up with a bright, boho ambience for the cafe.

They also used the back part of a red and yellow Volkswagen beetle car as wall decors, together with paintings made by Mrs. Blanco and framed boho-themed wall decors.


They even had Mr. Blanco’s collection of Volkswagen toy cars on display!

 The cafe serves Toast and Pancakes, Light Bites, Burgers, Pasta, Rice Meals, Hot and Cold Beverages, Frappes, Smoothies, Sundaes and Refreshments AND they also have food for Double Servings. We tried out their Donut Sundae (which is a double serving), a Dulce de Leche flavored ice cream, topped with popcorn and two Krispy Kreme Original Glazed donuts (yum :P) .We also had their Crispy Wedges (POTATOESSSS!!!! ) that is just enough for the two of us.

The baristas and food servers does a good job in providing quality service to their customers.

The place also displays the works of Mrs. Blanco and dream catchers, bohemian bags dream catcher hair accessories are a few of them. This was her first business before having the Purple Beetle cafe. You might want to check out their site  (purplebeetle.com.ph)


Aside from its good food and quality service, the cafe also provides some books and art materials for its customers to enjoy while waiting for their order, or maybe while they lounge themselves for hours in the cafe. I even tried coming up with an obra maestra”  but things don’t really work between me and art,lol.

With the good food, quality service, cozy ambience and recreational art for customers, I would say that this place really keeps the customers satisfied like I was;it kept me calm and relaxed, helping me clear things off my mind.

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