by The Mediocre Nanay
June 29, 2016
Two words: COMFORT. FOOD.
Owned by my high school batchmate Lc and husband Kiko Blanco, Purple Beetle's front door is like a version of "platform nine and three quarters." You forget that you're at Ayala Highway, Lipa City's major thoroughfare and you're transported HOME...to your momma's cooking. But excuse me for saying, Lc's cooking is def much better. Ma, sorry po, di naman po kayo marunong gumawa ng frappe kasi, eh.
In between catching up and pakikipagchikahan with the owners, gala ang mata ko sa loob ng cafe. It's  a wonder to me how they were able to adorn the walls with art and color without really making the whole place look cluttered with hue. You still appreciate the nice, clean white floors and the purple chairs and tables which, as Lc herself told me, are swept, cleaned and dusted as early as 6 in the morning as the beginning of her morning routine.
Theo enjoyed looking around the place while waiting for his food because he had loads of things to do! He had his picture taken in different parts of the cafe, making sure I include the art pieces.
He so happens to like dreamcatchers so imagine his amazement when he saw a whole bunch of them made into a window treatment. He wanted me to buy him one particular piece from their store just because it had a touch of his favorite color, red, but I thought it was too big for our small room, parang hindi bagay. It was then that Theo was told that tito Kiko can and will customize one for Theo, one that is red or red-themed and of a size I approve of.  I was like, "Ikaw ang gumagawa nito?" Being that Kiko is a dude, it shocked me even more to know he makes not only the dreamcatchers they sell in-house and online via Instagram but also their handmade Bohemian-inspired headpieces, including the one that Vanessa Hudgens dons in this picture for Beauty Coach @beautycoach_com.
Hiyang-hiya naman ako sa sarili ko sa kakapusan ng artistry at creativity ko sa taong ito! LOL.
Kiko, *tipping my hat*
They also have art materials in one corner of the cafe that anyone and everyone can use to doodle and paint. Don't worry about art inspo running short. It's EVERYWHERE!
The cafe is decorated with different parts of a vintage Volkswagen beetle. The counter is made of a whole side panel of the famous VW bug. See how cute it turned out:

The rest of the car is displayed on the walls, along with Lc's sketches and paintings.
After about 10 minutes, they served our food. The green tea Oh-Frappe is to die for! It's a cooler and a dessert in itself that comes with little dessert toppings (green tea kitkat, mwah, mwah, mwah). It went perfectly with my chicken wrap which I drizzled with Tabasco. Oooohh, food-gasm! Such an explosion of hot and cold flavors in my mouth.
My husband went for the nachos as he loves Mexican food. He didn't say much but I can tell it really satisfied his craving that afternoon. He said, "Wala ba sila sa Batangas (City) nito?" His first Purple Beetle experience and already impatient for a branch closer to home.
Theo, my son, oh, he loved his banana chocolate pancakes!
When it was served, he literally went, "Oooohhhh," and spent a moment to admire the presentation. The moment was short, though. 
He couldn't wait to dig into his banana pancakes.
He said his food was "sosyal." Hahaha.
Sadly, for him who doesn't eat meat, he didn't touch the crispy bacon strips and perfect fluffy eggs that came with the dish. Guess who ate them. ;)
Of course, he ordered his own frappe.
It seems nothing is not artsy in this place. Even the food takes real artistic talent to prepare and each one is a masterpiece.

In a nutshell, before we walked in, we were all really exhausted from waiting in line all day at the DFA nad PSA offices, hungry at nagsisimula nang uminit ang mga ulo. After our meal, we drove home feeling excited about going back to Lipa to pick up Bela's passport once released. We have already agreed where to have lunch. The only thing to decide upon is what to eat. Good thing I have more than enough (too much, even) time to choose from the menu they have on their Facebook page.

Hungry? So what are you still sitting there for?

You'll find Purple Beetle Cafe along Ayala Highway, Lipa City, next to Army Navy and near Starbucks. 
Store hours are from 9am to 10pm.

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