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June 18, 2017

Everytime I find/read about Café that I haven't tried there is always an urged to go and visit the Café. I've been reading and seeing post from my friends about Purple Beetle Café Lipa Branch. I wanted to visit their branch there but I have no one to go to plus I only stay here in Batangas on weekends. Gladly, they finally opened another branch in Batangas City which was located just across Nuciti Central Mall.
I am with my Ninang who wanted to also try this Café. We went there around almost lunch time with few people yet but after a while people started to come.
They do have 2nd floor, btw, but I wasn't able to take a picture because I was so shy to asked if I can check out their 2nd floor.
They offer different kinds of food and drinks. They also have group meals since I noticed during our visit that family groups do come and enjoy the food they offer as well.
As from what I remembered, the serving time is around 10-15/15-20 mins. Though I think it wasn't that long when they served our food. Plus, their staff is very approachable and kind enough to cater the needs of their customers.
I ordered the Crispy Chicken Wings served with French Fries and my Ninang ordered the Cheese Burger along with French Fries as well.
Then, we wanted to try their Frappucinos because of how creative they are in prepping the drinks. Look at what we ordered and be amazed of how cutie the drinks are!
We ordered the Mocha Frapucchino and Caramel Frappucino. I basically loved the Caramel Frappe because its not super sweet plus I love anything that has caramel on it. 
Overall, I love the ambiance of the café, the interiors are amazing, the food is good and the staff are very accomodating. So, will I come back to eat here again, definitely a yes! Even though it was a quick lunch, we definitely enjoyed our dine here at Purple Beetle Cafe.
If you are looking for good food, nice interiors and good service then you should check out this cafe.
Address: P. Burgos Street, World Trade Hotel, Batangas City
Contact: 0926-653-3018

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