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June 12, 2015

Gone for a week, cringed away from social media, stayed along the beach, and marveled nature’s breathtaking beauty. I’m always thankful for such moment, definitely a great way to escape from the hustle and bustle brought by the city.

For the third time this year, I spent again my summer vacation at my hometown, La Union. Guess I’ll never get tired of coming back to my roots. I always feel delighted and recharged whenever I do so, it’s magical. And throughout my whole stay, I rarely go online. Intentionally didn’t respond to e-mails nor update on Instagram. Facebook was just the only platform where I got to upload photos to show my parents how things are going since I was away from them. The only thing that probably became part of me whenever I go was my camera. Yes, I took snaps of the beach’s lovely views and even didn’t fail to document few of my looks within the week and the first one will be shown in today’s blog post.

Along my trip, I’ve brought with me some stunning stuff I received from Purple Beetle. Am going to be biased with this statement, but Purple Beetle is probably one of the finest bohemian shops I’ve met so far. Established early this year, it’s amazing how they instantly made a name in the bohemian fashion retail here in the Philippines within a short time being. Well, no doubt. I tell you they have a plethora of unique boho products, EACH made with dedication and passion. Mostly of the items are handmade with love by the owners themselves. Fueled by creativity, they are able to create peculiar bohemian accessories such as feathered head pieces, chain bracelets, and barefoot sandals. They are also fond of making dream catchers at any size with multitude of patterns and colors.

But their collection doesn’t end here, apart from their own creations; they also offer handmade mandala tapestries all the way from India. Just a quick trivia, mandala means circle and it portrays wholeness, yet on a deeper note, life as never ending. It is believed that mandalas emit and attract positive energy; hence it is commonly printed on tapestries and often used for meditation and yoga. Such pieces are versatile that it can also be part of our homes: may be it as bed spread, curtain, furniture throw, and wall hanging. When outside, you can also use it as a picnic blanket or a beach throw. But mind you, these tapestries are somewhat fragile, for each was handmade and had undergone multiple dyeing processes so you gotta give it an extra care to maintain its print. Personally, I’ve been hunting such piece for ages and living in the Philippines made it a little bit of a struggle since most mandalas are available in India and some other parts of USA, but not until Purple Beetle was established. Yes, I am thrilled to tell you that Purple Beetle is the first brand to offer those stunning tapestries here in the Philippines. In today’s post, you will see me incorporating one of their collection to the setting. Shot under a nipa hut, it made the ambiance even more calming and relaxing.

Then last but not the least, they also have crocheted festival wear that comes in various colors and patterns, one of which is donned in today’s look. Indeed a perfect piece to wear at the beach. I have it paired with my all time favorite denim overalls and ta-daah, I’m sold. Such a lazy look but, hey, I’m at the beach so it’s forgivable.

I don’t want to make this post longer so yeah, just enjoy the jpegs below, and oh, make sure to visit Purple Beetle sites for more. Most importantly, you can also personally check their products inside Indie-go Boutique at SM Center Las Pinas. It may be the month of June but girl, we live in the tropic so it is never and will never be late to get the chance to meet the brand. 

Purple Beetle’s Website / Purple Beetle’s Zalora / Purple Beetle’s Instagram

PS, I got more items from Purple Beetle to flaunt, as well other cool stuff from brands abroad. These stunning shops altogether in one single blog post soon. Stay tuned!

Purple Beetle Kaleidoscope World Mandala Tapestry, Crocheted Top (to check particular piece, click here)
Forever 21 Denim Overalls
SM Dep’t Store Round Glasses
Birkenstock Sandals

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