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March 6, 2016

About 171 steps up to the hill… seems intimidating at first, but heck it’s all worth it! Such breathtaking scenery you showed me, Mother Earth, you are beautiful. Posting today my last Baler lookbook. Now, I’m thinking when to be back.

I’ve been tirelessly and passionately incorporating travelling with blogging for more than a year now. Doing the things I love altogether is fulfilling. And what’s more flattering about all these is learning that I am able to inspire people; not just in advocating people, especially the women, to feel confidently beautiful with however they dress, but also in terms of possessing such eagerness and restless energy to travel the places you wish to be go. Needless to say. I’ve been getting comments over Instagram about the life I have but mind you, what I show is not about luxury or whatsoever. Just so you know, I work hard to earn. Majority of my savings go to travel expenditures. To cut it short, I work hard to witness what Mother Nature has to offer for its inhabitants.

On another note, I’ve also noticed that so far, the brands I am working with is hitting beyond my expectations. Flashback to the day when I started to sign up in WordPress and decided to upload my little musings online – I never assumed that I would work with brilliant people in the world of fashion not just locally but internationally. And today’s blog post is extra special since this is the first for me to collaborate with a bohemian fashion brand from Indonesia which I truly adore, let me introduce you – Anakara.

Anakara is a Bohemian Retro fashion brand focusing on Indonesian ethnic patterns and translating it to fashion items. What I adore most about the brand is the flexibility of the designs – anyone around the globe could have the guts to wear and grace the products. Their collection ranges from clothing, bags, and accessories to home decors. Today’s blog post features the first item I virtually picked from their collection, the Square Kimono in Antique Black. The texture of the fabric itself is very smooth. Looking closer, it has an amazing pattern spiced with a great choice of colors. They have a plethora of designs for this particular style. And on my upcoming blog posts, I can’t wait to show you some more of the items the Anakara team sent me. But I bet you can no longer wait to see it yourself. Below are their channels, you go and start browsing.

Website / Instagram

Before I end this blog post, I just wanted to leave here this inspiring quotation I saw from from Anakara’s page,

“To me, clothing is a form of self-expression – there are hints about who you are in what you wear” – Mark Jacobs

Anakara Square Kimono
Purple Beetle Crocheted Top, Dreamcatcher Bracelet
Summer Soul Gypsy Beaded Headpiece
Vidakush Nose Ring
Birkenstock Sandals


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